Monday, November 8, 2010

5 Steps to Settinfg a Life Agenda

1. IDENTIFY YOUR WINS. That, in turn, will fuel the fire. Keep a journal of your successes.

2. INVENTORY FUN. What was the most fun in the past year? What were you doing? What got you there? What are you doing differently?

[sidebar] You'll invariably think of negatives. Think about what you learned from them, then put them away.

3. IDENTIFY AREAS YOU HAVE COMPROMISED. It's critical to acknowledge that - but don't stop there! Ask yourself "What behaviors or activities do I need to adopt to get me back on course?"

4. IDENTIFY NEW HABITS. What new things can you do, right away, that would have a huge impact on your life? Forget that "21 days equals a habit" nonsense ... it takes 21 days to get it right!

5. TAKE A STAND. Identify what you can do to make it clear to everyone that you're serious about your performance - without saying a word.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Biggest Challenge In Sales

Most experts agree the biggest challenge in sales is managing emotions successfully.

And let's face it. Anyone who sells anything can identify that sales is a tough, mental game.

Following are the Top Five Ways to Manage Emotions:

1) DO THE NUMBERS ANYWAY. That's easier said then done, but when you get the monster out of the closet, you'll usually find he's a lot smaller than you imagined him to be. He (or she) takes the form of rejection (or the fear thereof), time mismanagement, the realization that it's hard work and pressure. Pressure from not doing the work, from not making appointments, from not making the sale, from finances and - perhaps the ugliest of all - from family, friends and peers who don't support you and/or your dream.

2) FILL YOUR BASKET WITH EGGS. Living large off one, large, favorite client is a death sentence. You can get fat off one sale or one client today, but you can starve tomorrow. Another thing it can do is to cause you to  forsake the rest of your customers/clients. And, as the old adage goes, if you don't care for your customer, someone else will!

3) DON'T CONNECT POSITIVES AND NEGATIVES TO EACH OTHER. The next person you talk to has nothing to do with the previous person you talked to. Clear your mind before each call to be sure you're not bringing your last experience into the current call, visit, etc. Be on top of your game e-v-e-r-y time ... you never know what the next contact may bring.

4) RESPOND, NOT REACT. When facing a challenge, focus on using logic, not emotion. Become a student of introspection. Aim, then shoot - not shoot, then aim! Embrace challenges as a learning opportunity and realize it all evens out, as results are best measured over time. The bed was made a while ago ... today's result is a result of what you did some time ago.

5) LEARN FROM OTHERS. Turn off the radio and television (except for Big Bang Theory) and read, read, read. Find a mentor a-n-d an accountability partner (not the same thing). While you may be independent, you should never be alone.

If you have any comments, ideas to add, etc. just drop me a line.

Continued success.


Thursday, September 30, 2010

GreenFlag Accelerator Revoluntionizes Accounts Receivable Management

At last ... Transworld Systems / GreenFlag makes tools available to small and medium sized businesses at a price point typically reserved for large corporations!

Print and fax back for more info today!