Sunday, June 20, 2010

Why My Grocer Offers Free Hand Wipes

You may recall that a few months ago I shared an experience in What NOT to do relating to customer service, concerning my local grocery store. I was contacted by their corporate office as well as the local store, who assured me that the consistent disregard for the customer was surely an isolated incident, but that they heard my concerns and would conduct a training meeting immediately. I was also assured that I would notice an immediate improvement, starting with the fact I would always get a "Thank You" when checking out. To no surprise to me, I've yet to hear one ... though I was told it is company policy to do so.

And today, I was once again all but run over by a stocker (not to be confused with a stalker) who never thought to say "Excuse me." I couldn't let the chance go by to assist the employee in their pursuit of improving on their customer service skills ... so I said "You're excused." The look she shot me back curdled the milk in the dairy case fifty feet away. I chalked it up to her not having read that far in the customer service hand book. I was reminded of the Bible passage "Love thy neighbor" and I moved on.

I made the mistake of going by the bakery section, where I am amazed that they charge 25%+ more for their baked goods than anyone else that I know of. I rarely buy anything in the bakery department, as I cannot allow myself to be taken advantage of to that degree. I'll pay $4.50 for a latte-caramel-frappe-something-or-other, but I won't pay more for a cookie than I pay more a gallon of gas - or a gallon of milk to dip the cookie in.

That's when it hit me. The sanitizer wipes at the store entrance are not for sanitizing the cart handles at all. They're there so that you can wipe off the greed and customer disservice on the way out!

How does that relate to you and I? It is THE foundation to everything you do, to every interaction you have with a customer, client, patient or prospect. When they leave YOUR business, do they feel they need to clean off? Or, do they feel that they are your most important asset and that they are better off for having been there?

I'd love to hear what you do to make their visit to your business a 10 out of 10.

May you never need a hand wipe dispenser. Much success.

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