Monday, November 8, 2010

5 Steps to Settinfg a Life Agenda

1. IDENTIFY YOUR WINS. That, in turn, will fuel the fire. Keep a journal of your successes.

2. INVENTORY FUN. What was the most fun in the past year? What were you doing? What got you there? What are you doing differently?

[sidebar] You'll invariably think of negatives. Think about what you learned from them, then put them away.

3. IDENTIFY AREAS YOU HAVE COMPROMISED. It's critical to acknowledge that - but don't stop there! Ask yourself "What behaviors or activities do I need to adopt to get me back on course?"

4. IDENTIFY NEW HABITS. What new things can you do, right away, that would have a huge impact on your life? Forget that "21 days equals a habit" nonsense ... it takes 21 days to get it right!

5. TAKE A STAND. Identify what you can do to make it clear to everyone that you're serious about your performance - without saying a word.

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