Tuesday, March 2, 2010

End of Your Rope?

Whether or not the word is in your title or job description, we are all leaders. And, while life may be like a box of chocolates, I suggest people are like a rope.

Imagine a two-foot piece of rope laying in the center of a table. Now, move the rope with one finger tip so that one end of the rope is aligned with an edge of the table top BUT ... the rope must stay straight at all times. What if you were to put your finger anywhere on the rope and PUSH the rope? Would it stay straight? Not on your life! BUT ... what if you were to put your finger at one end of the rope and pull it to the closest edge of the table top? Would it stay straight? You bet!

What's the point? People are much like the rope. Most people respond much better by being pulled along rather than being pushed. And the more we push, the more out of alignment they become.

Long gone is the management/leadership style of "because I said so!" - aptly replaced by "let me show you" and "we can accomplish this together."

Continued success.

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