Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Were You Born In a Barn?"

Who hasn't heard that saying many times, especially when growing up? We eventually learn that the point is that not closing a door can be a waste of resources and a sign of being undisciplined.

I was struck by an article I just read in Success Magazine (my favorite) by Mel Robbins. Her story shares an experience she had in a women's restroom, where a business woman was tidying up. She found herself being interviewed by the same woman later on, which led her to learn a very important lesson ... "A true leader leaves the bathroom cleaner than they found it."

The late Jim Rohn used to talk about the impact of tossing a used toothpick to the ground ... and what that says about a person.

On of my pet peeves is observing lights, radios, coffee pots and so forth being left on for prolonged unattended lengths of time. Can "the company" afford it? Sure. But why? Why is it not better to save the energy, the supplies, the resources? Why not make it a more profitable company by not spending money on empty offices, cubicles, break rooms, conference rooms?

Petty? Perhaps. Then I think about what a true leader does. If it includes cleaning up a bathroom, maybe clicking a light switch isn't so bad.

Much success.

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