Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gloom, Doom and Opportunity

It's very common to hear about the woes of THIS economy, and the challenges it brings to business owners and businesses alike.

I think John Maxwell has it right. When speaking before a mortgage industry event recently, he thought through how to motivate the group despite the effects of the economy on the industry. He stated that "three years ago you didn't have to be good to make money." He went on to observe that today you DO have to be good.

How can you take advantage of the economy to become "good?"

  • Read. Others who have seemingly failed only to become successful have a lot to offer.

  • Study your craft, your business, your industry. Learn sales skills that are unfamiliar to you. Become more knowledgeable than your competition.

  • Practice. Develop a process and practice through role playing.

  • Develop. Advertise more, not less. When the economy picks up, you will be miles ahead of your competition.

  • Network. Create relationships and alliances now that will strengthen and deepen as you exit this economy. Attend functions specific to your industry where you can not only learn, but where you can make connections with experts in your business.

  • Serve. Contact customers, clients, patients, etc. and offer to pay it forward by offering value now.

What are YOU doing to become good? Why not leave a comment so others can benefit from what is working for you?

Continued success.

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